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A Handy Communication App to Keep in Touch with Family and Friends

By Rose Sincro

On Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I have used a lot of messengers. You name one, and I most likely have tried it. One of my favorite applications is WhatsApp Messenger. Personally, I downloaded it because it is highly recommended by most of my friends. I’m glad I did and because it is a multi-platform app, I have it installed on my iPhone and Blackberry. And it works great on both smartphones. With WhatsApp Messenger, I can send and receive free text messages over 3G or WiFi connection (provided that both parties are using the same app). Aside from text messages, I can also send images, videos, voice notes, etc.

When it comes to usability, WhatsApp Messenger is not complicated at all. Easily download and install the app and play around with its settings and functions and you’re good to go. You can view your chat history and exchange messages with someone in the chat window. All in all, WhatsApp Messenger is very handy and makes a great communication tool.


  • Send and receive free text messages
  • Compatible across different mobile platforms
  • Easily chat with other WhatsApp users


  • Entire setup procedure can be tedious
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chat with anyone in your whatsapp list as you send them emojis and photos and dont get bored

By Benson Mutwiri

On Wednesday, November 25, 2015

whatsapp messanger is the most used application for social media in our present age and time.It is mainly used for communication which is mostly texting and now it has introduced even calling which it wants to compete with software’s such as viber and skype.Whatsapp if free to download and you have to set it up with the mobile phone that you are using and all your contacts there have to be synched and you will have all the people who have in your contacts appear in your favorite lists that is if they have whatsapp in the smart devices.

You can send photos, videos and attach files to your contacts here and not forgetting that when sending messages you can send emojis to your contacts to add some bit of fun as you are chatting.


Your phone contacts are synched so that those who are on whatsapp will appear.

Send emojis to make the char more interesting.

Develop a group chat with your friends.


What a great way to chat and have fun.


  • it uses very minimal data
  • it keeps you excited and you do not get bored


  • after one year they start to charge you
  • some of the times it has some major lags
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The beginning of the new era of the instant messaging applications

By Stephanie Jackson

On Thursday, April 24, 2014

WhatsApp is the instant messaging application that revolutionized the world of the mobile phones. Paying for sending messages was over since this app was brought to the light. It has been developed for almost every mobile platform, so it does not matter if you have an Android device, a BlackBerry or an iPhone, you can use it even with Symbian! Just a little number of people does not have WhatsApp on their devices; it has become a must-have in every phone. It allows you to chat with your friends whenever they are, and the only requirement is to have installed the app. You can also send photos, videos, audio files, a contact or even your location. In addition, with the latest updates, you can send more than one image at once, heavier files and longer videos. You can also record your voice and send it instead of typing. The main drawback is that you cannot move the application to your SD card unless you have your phone rooted, and the app occupies too much space on your internal memory. Nevertheless, apart from this, there is nothing to complain about WhatsApp. Some people also complain about the bugs, but everything fails sometimes, so let be less petty and enjoy what we have.


  • It is available for multiple platforms
  • You can send audio and video files


  • You have to pay every year
  • The application is too heavy
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • we send photos videos and chatting for new friends purpose because my friend asking for chat to every day for me so i have using this softwere

  • For communication among collegues. This is because we need to discuss alot of bulk topics which needs time n other people comments without necessarily meeting to talk about them. This help to move how discussion faster n quick to responses that are not relevant

  • I will use this program to stay connected with my friends ,family members ,workplace officials and mates in order to chat with them and also know their health status every day

  • to chart with family and friends and messages quicker and faster which will help promote peace and friendly relation these are the most reasons why I want to download this application

  • charting with friends and relatives by sending images messages games and creat whats groups and also invite people to use whatsapp messenget

What similar programs have you used?
  • It is the best and atleast to communicate with my frnds share pictures,fun packages plz i really want to download start chaating my freinds are missing me. Facebook, 2go

  • similar programs that i have used so far are;i find i have found it simple for get in touch with my friends and also i spent less money on communications.

  • short messaging services that are commonly used on most mobile phones that are in use around the world today and are proving to be obsolete & cumbersome

  • I want only the best latest vision of WhatsApp that impress m so that I won't get bored during the time of social network when am chatting with my friends

  • I havent use any programm before but why are asking all these quastions is it because i just want to download whatspp aplicaton ok fine but just give what i wanted

What do you like most about this program?
  • social networks globally aimed at eleotronic learning. however, the joy is measuring up with international relationships, knowledge, principles, norms, and politics.

  • connecting with other ppl tht are far away those who are long time no see and just chilling having fun with my friends via Inbox and group chats

  • it is mavelous it helps me to download things in a very fast way and it shows me thing example apps that I never knew witch are very goo an ausome

  • Becuse it gives me joy and help for haveing informa about what is going on an i like to be chating on this network an i proud it all time thank you

  • I like the programme because it educating and more convinent than other socia messanger and is more matured u can do anything like saving photos sending voice note creating your own group meeting new friends


WhatsApp Messenger is a multiplatform instant messaging application used to chat, send emoticons, multimedia content, locations and contact information. Developed by the company with the same name, this client has been considered a complete revolution among users thanks to its compatibility with all mobile platforms at the moment. Right now, if you don’t communicate is because you don’t want to.

For those who don’t know it yet, SMS are a thing from the past. So, if you are still using them, it may be time to make some changes. Apart from being a worldwide famous app, WhatsApp lets you talk to millions of users with no ads and in real time. So it is logical that developers decided to make a trial version and demand a fee after a year of free license –although in Nokia devices you don’t need to pay.

There is no doubt that the way of communicating has been changed. People look for instant responses and high speed. We all live in a rush, so we want a fast application that everybody would download. There are two characteristics that make WhatsApp Messenger one of the most used apps in the world. The first one is being available for all mobile platforms –Android, iPhone, Symbian or Windows Phone, etc. The second one is having the same good performance in all of them.

How does it work?

After the moment you download WhatsApp Messenger a little bit annoying installation comes, in which you will have to register your phone in order to pay the subscription. After that, you can start looking for all your contacts that use WhatsApp. By the moment you run the software it will display all your contacts in its main screen, which the application has installed on your mobile. You just have to select a contact to start talking to him or her, or typing their name by selecting the glass icon.

With WhatsApp Messenger you can chat with contacts either in individual conversations or in chat groups, which support up to 30 users. One of the latest changes of the application is the Push to Talk option, in which you can send audio messages apart from text. Sending multimedia content like video, photos, audio, contact numbers or even your location thanks to Google Maps integration, are the functions which complete your messaging experience with other users. WhatsApp has also enough customization options to allow you to change the way you see notifications, the background, your profile pic and your status message.

WhatsApp Messenger 2.16.254 Features

The unique features you will find in WhatsApp Messenger are the following:

  • Cross-platform app which offers free instant messages via WiFi, 3G or 4G (available for Android, iPhone, etc.)
  • Google Maps integration: you can send your location and see where your friends are
  • Unlimited multimedia sharing: audio, video, pictures and contacts information
  • Push to Talk option to send audio messages
  • Group conversations for 30 participants

For further information, feel free to check the developer’s website .

Minimum system requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and install WhatsApp Messenger are the following:

  • Android OS 2.1 or higher
  • To get the iPhone version you will need iOS 4.3 or higher
  • Windows Phone 7.5 or higher