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WhatsApp Messenger 2.16.254

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send messages for free over the new whatsapp messanger application

By Joeli Mut

On Wednesday, March 30, 2016

whatsapp messanger is a tool for communication that uses calls and sms as medium of communication from one person to the other as long as this two people are both having the whatsapp messanger on their phone.Once you install it it will ask you for your mobile phone number and which country you are residing in.The app automatically sends an sms to you informing you of a six digit code and you enter this on whatsapp and you are good to go from there it will give you a notice that you are remaining with 1 month of free service and from there on you are going to be charged for your services of using whatsapp.You just tap on the person you want to send an sms and then type the message and then send it shows the person you want to send a message when they were last online for example it can show yesterday at 1.00 p.m


  • free to download the application
  • it has been very convinient to those people that do not have credit


  • after one month one must pay for it
  • it has some privacy settings where a user hides there last seen as well as the profile photo
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The messaging app that is now doing rounds is now available for download

By Frank Kanyua

On Thursday, November 27, 2014

whatsapp is a famous messaging app which was recently bought by the owner of facebook, this app offers superb messaging and call making options for everyone who has installed it. The simplicity of the interface and usability was well crafted to meet the needs of different people.

It was also made in such a way that it was compatible with most operating systems for computers, phones and tablets. The generality that this app has been called a money saver is the truth since, when you send a person who is at the other side of the world a message through whatsapp, you are charged only some cents and if you are using internet connection only some bits..

Whatsapp also has the capability to send large media files ranging from photos, movies, songs and many others. Anew feature whatsapp call was added as an extended version to enable you to call people through this app..

The app stays dormant that is without charging you unless you want to access it, so no maintainance free will be charged.

The installation for android devices is very easy but the one for computers can be a bit hard.


Whatsapp will soon replace direct texting since it is more cheap and reliable, it will also see the end of use to some other apps which try to offer the same services but at a higher price.. Parents have also been included in this plan since whatsapp is going to be intergrated with a real gps signal, hence will display the time and location to where you are.. If you plan on lying of your current location dont do it through whatsapp.


  • it is very easy to use
  • delivery report is available .


  • that gps tracker though :I
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A Simple Yet Effective App That Can Send Free Messages

By Ivy Paloma

On Thursday, June 5, 2014

I am very impressed on WhatsApp Messenger because it allows me to chat for free with my family, friends or anyone else who also uses this remarkable app. It also provides few extra functional features to make my messaging more enjoyable. With the installation of this on my phone, I saved money on text charges.

This messaging app runs effortlessly on 3G or Wi-Fi, and it supports almost every mobile device. In addition, this app takes a fascinating approach to group messaging since I can send a group message to up to ten participants and also assign a label for our discussions. I can also send and receive voice notes, music and even videos. Though, I would advise that, you should use a Wi-Fi connection because multimedia files have bigger file size.

The only problem for this app is the security. WhatsApp Messenger was not launched with encryption. Nonetheless, it is a reliable messaging app that you could use to chat online with your loved ones on your mobile phones.


  • It is free of charge
  • It has high-quality chat features


  • The security level is not that good
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for my mobile to communicate with my relatives in australia. to send them emoticons through my phone that make our conversation more interesting

  • communicating with friends and relatives ,doing business deals such as network marketing with other colleagues.Also using it as a platform to advertise products.

  • socialize with people all over around who know me and its easy because even if i dont have money i can whatsap someone to borrow some money.

  • Chat with friends ,family,neighbours,people round the world and nation No more abt people send messages talk gust laugh have fun make life easier better smother lovely hopefully

  • Communicating with friends from different places and communities so as to know more about other people cultural activities and their way of living and making new friends through sharing

What similar programs have you used?
  • facebook,emails,text messages,whatsapp,telephone,fax,telegrams,computer,newspaper,radio,mass media,television because they are easier to communicate to each other in different ways.

  • eskimi facebook,tweeter also the in google where i download songs n music palmchat where italk with friends instargram where one post his o or herphotosta

  • similar programs that i have used so far are;i find i have found it simple for get in touch with my friends and also i spent less money on communications.

  • I have used so many similar program like instagram facebook we chat palm chat messenger eskimi snap chat but I still prefer this one to the rest of them

  • Have never used any of your server,and i think it we be the best server for me,if u can allow me to download the application on this nokia 205

What do you like most about this program?
  • Communicating with friends, families and the outside world. I save money because I don't do lot of calls. It make life easier for me. I receive and post pictures as well

  • i dont knoe wht to write here i think it s gud to use foe destop so i like to download this onne software to my system i will nd tell the feed back later


  • To chatt with friends and family,to enjoy the most popular massaging,videos,pictures and music sent via using this program.it is very enjoyable

  • i love the way it facilitate comminication it helps to update people about thier friends relatives business and many other things.It equally connect us to the daily realities of life


WhatsApp Messenger is a multiplatform instant messaging application used to chat, send emoticons, multimedia content, locations and contact information. Developed by the company with the same name, this client has been considered a complete revolution among users thanks to its compatibility with all mobile platforms at the moment. Right now, if you don’t communicate is because you don’t want to.

For those who don’t know it yet, SMS are a thing from the past. So, if you are still using them, it may be time to make some changes. Apart from being a worldwide famous app, WhatsApp lets you talk to millions of users with no ads and in real time. So it is logical that developers decided to make a trial version and demand a fee after a year of free license –although in Nokia devices you don’t need to pay.

There is no doubt that the way of communicating has been changed. People look for instant responses and high speed. We all live in a rush, so we want a fast application that everybody would download. There are two characteristics that make WhatsApp Messenger one of the most used apps in the world. The first one is being available for all mobile platforms –Android, iPhone, Symbian or Windows Phone, etc. The second one is having the same good performance in all of them.

How does it work?

After the moment you download WhatsApp Messenger a little bit annoying installation comes, in which you will have to register your phone in order to pay the subscription. After that, you can start looking for all your contacts that use WhatsApp. By the moment you run the software it will display all your contacts in its main screen, which the application has installed on your mobile. You just have to select a contact to start talking to him or her, or typing their name by selecting the glass icon.

With WhatsApp Messenger you can chat with contacts either in individual conversations or in chat groups, which support up to 30 users. One of the latest changes of the application is the Push to Talk option, in which you can send audio messages apart from text. Sending multimedia content like video, photos, audio, contact numbers or even your location thanks to Google Maps integration, are the functions which complete your messaging experience with other users. WhatsApp has also enough customization options to allow you to change the way you see notifications, the background, your profile pic and your status message.

WhatsApp Messenger 2.16.254 Features

The unique features you will find in WhatsApp Messenger are the following:

  • Cross-platform app which offers free instant messages via WiFi, 3G or 4G (available for Android, iPhone, etc.)
  • Google Maps integration: you can send your location and see where your friends are
  • Unlimited multimedia sharing: audio, video, pictures and contacts information
  • Push to Talk option to send audio messages
  • Group conversations for 30 participants

For further information, feel free to check the developer’s website .

Minimum system requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and install WhatsApp Messenger are the following:

  • Android OS 2.1 or higher
  • To get the iPhone version you will need iOS 4.3 or higher
  • Windows Phone 7.5 or higher