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YouTube 5.2.27

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The free mobile application of YouTube allows users to watch videos and music clips online from their phone. Thanks to this download you will have the most recent multimedia content on the net at your hands and organized by channels, categories and popularity. Also, if you log in with your YouTube account –which is the same as you have on Google- you can comment the content you view and subscribe to channels you like, as if you were on your desktop.

The ultimate version of YouTube for mobile offers the possibility of minimizing the video you are currently viewing and still navigating through the application and visiting related content, channels and seeing comments while you are visualizing what you want. YouTube and smartphones make the perfect couple, since thanks to its interface it allows you to have your favorite videos on stream and with the chance of adapting your screen to what you want to do.

A complete video player for your smartphone

YouTube for your phone offers a clean interface in all platforms to access to the latest music and video releases. When you download and install the app you can log in with your Google account or just launch the application directly. In the home screen it will appear the most popular videos everyone is talking about and on the left menu you can access to the main categories: Comedy, Education, Entertainment; your subscriptions, your favorite content and playlists you’ve created.

On the glass icon on the right, the user can search content by typing the name of an artist, video, movie, etc. Thanks to YouTube’s search engine it will display multiple results which you can reproduce changing the resolution and with the possibility of sharing that content in a wide range of social networks.

With the smartphone application of YouTube you can also take a clip of your phone and upload it to the net or even to the TV. You just have to record something and click on the sharing button, YouTube will do the task on the background, and if you want to view something in the TV you just have to start playing the video and then to click on a specific button located at the top and it will be reproduced on your television. On the iPhone version you can apply the voice search as Google uses in other apps.

YouTube 5.2.27 Features

These are the features that you will find downloading YouTube are:

  • Access to the ultimate streaming multimedia content on the net for free
  • Full screen customization to watch what you want in landscape mode
  • You can share all the content you are watching with a wide range of social networks and even to TV
  • Wide configuration menu in which you can see your subscription channels and categories
  • Upload a recorded video to the net instantly

For more information, you can check the developer’s site .

Minimum system requirements

The minimum system requirements to install this service are listed below:

  • Android 2.1 OS or higher
  • iOS 6.0 or higher