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Have great moments, entertain yourself with this excellent new game

By Eve Naliaka

On Tuesday, March 31, 2015


If you are fan of motorcycle race games do not miss out this opportunity. MotoGP 2014 is a new version released motorcycle race game after four years gap in production. It is the most excellent sports game in the market this is because it offers the possibility of playing with almost 100 racers from different categories. Famous new racers are included in this version like Jorge Lorenzo besides Dani Pedrosa whom you will find.

It comes with advanced features as compared to other editions, sound track, graphics, colors and customized helmets of every racer are awesome unlike in previous versions. In this game you are allowed to customize your motorcycle the way you want or according to your style i.e. you can customize breaks sensibility, pneumatics and handlers among others to make you’re driving comfortable and easy, this brings the realism of the game.

This game is played in different modes that include multiplayer mode where you are allowed to play online or offline, career mode whereby you are put in the skin of a real racing driver. Entertain yourself and have great moments with this game do not be left out.


  • Contains excellent graphics with great realism
  • New features and different play modes are included


  • Mechanics and racer’s animations are always the same are the same for every one.



Excellent Gameplay and User Controls but Graphic Aspect Needs Improvement

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Milestone has done a good job of simulating the 2014 MotoGP with this current release. Players are now able to create racer profiles of their favorite motorcycle racers from MotoGP. I downloaded the game to try it for myself and see what it is all about. At first play, it was easy to control user profiles and customizing my chosen motorcycle. I also got to choose the circuit I will race in and team I will race with. Overall, the developers were able to focus on the elements of the motorcycle racing championship. However, I was bothered with how little effort was put into polishing the graphics of the game. I personally think it needs more improvement in this aspect. On the contrary, play environment for the game is very much enjoyable. I was able to play with other players through the game’s online multiplayer mode. What made it easy was the game’s language support for non-English speaking gamers.


  • Has an online multiplayer mode
  • It features added user controls


  • Layout and graphics need improvement




By Hande Njr

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014

There is no motorcycle game that can match MotoGP. The recently released (June) 2014 version is diverse and offers the gamer the ultimate experience in the motorcycle racing. Everything on this game is simulated from the racers to the circuits and the bikes. It is available in various platforms thus PS4, PS3, PS vita, Xbox 360 and the PC Version. It is also available in different languages and can host up to twelve online players which makes it even more exciting. The graphics are good and the gameplay is superb, without a doubt the producers of the game did a good job.

It has various modes like the MotoGP, quick races and career mode. I mostly like the career mode it because that is where you as the gamer experience actual build up and thrill this where you get to start from the bottom slowly climbing up the ladder. Another exciting thing is the big names on the game, thus Valentino Rossi, Dani pedrosa among others. The availability to change details and a wide range of bikes to choose from are great, plus there are a lot of races to choose.

It has a multi-player option where you and your friends can do your thing. It is a good game for all racing fans, but like all other games it has its flaws. Going up the career mode ladder isn't an easy task and it has tiny graphics issues which they should fix on their next release, otherwise I like it.


  • The simulated experience of the game is good.
  • Ability to customize some aspects of the game.
  • The game is diverse and offers good gameplay


  • It has tiny graphics issues.




For what are you going to use the program?
  • i am going to use the software gaming purposes when bored especially after classes to help me relax and also because i love the sport. it is very interesting.

  • to play it and just for genral useAGE OF THE computer in my extensive useage in my boundless spare time. this i hope will be a great purchase

  • for a simulation of what i love which is super bikes just like my uncle who is in a bikers group. i want to experiance the thrill virtually.

  • To practice well and do best in reall life to participate in a challenges and promote my bike enhancement riding racing tournament championship league

  • FUn and Enjoyment annd relaxation for my mind and pass the time. get relieved from stress and play moto gp 2014 as i am interested a lots in bikes

What similar programs have you used?
  • programs i have used include motogp 13 and SBK 9 , i hope that these fulful the criteria to render me eligible for download of motogp 14 Si

  • i have not used a similar programs on my computer. i just want to entertainment BY enjoying driving like a biker.IT IS VERY FUN TO RIDE A BIKE

  • Moto GP 2010, NFS Most Wanted II, NFS Hot Pursuit II, Burnout, F1,Grand Tourismo 2, and this Question: What do You think about JESUS-CHRIST?

  • I used Minecraft and i will dog cat milk king queen sixty root green yellow red black blue pink white with a bee be have to i am going to be a superhero

  • Motogp 2 i have used for playing. also i am working with honeywell technology in c++ language as a software engineer . from the last 2 months

What do you like most about this program?
  • cause its good for entertaining yourself , it is a game used to play when felt bored . and thats why i preferred . and am sure its interesting


  • it have the real deal and reliable enough so i feel alive when im playing this game thats why i want to download it today on my pc so tht i

  • cause its good for entertaining yourself,it is a game used to play when felt bored. and that why i preferred. and am sure its interesting.

  • best site ever for fun and adventure,i dont know why you should be asking me stupit questions anyways.must i like your page on the contrally

MotoGP has come back after a gap year taken by the manufacturers. The official game about Moto GP championship comes with awesome graphics, new tracks and racers like Jorge Lorenzo or Marc Márquez, besides those who were already in the previous version of the game like Valentino Rossi or Dani Pedrosa. Apart from the GP racers you will also find the minor categories of Moto 2 and Moto 3.

There is no doubt this game assures great moments of entertainment and amusement on wheels. There will be some game modes to offer loads of fun, both individually and in online multiplayer mode. Along the official MotoGP mode, there is the new Quick Race and the renewed Career Mode that will put us in the skin of a real racing driver, mixing third and first-person elements, and of course, the online multiplayer mode.

MotoGP 2014 Features

The main features of this installment are listed below:

  • Excellent graphics with a great realism
  • Official license both for racers (Marquez, Lorenzo, Pedrosa…), teams and motorcycles (Yamaha, Ducati…)
  • New tracks included, like Austin (Texas)
  • Moto 2 and Moto 3 teams and racing drivers are present as well
  • Different game modes for a better amusement
  • Online multiplayer mode
  • There are other characters included like mechanics or team managers
  • New Career Mode: create your own racing driver and take him from Moto 3 to Moto GP


After almost two years of waiting, the new release of the acclaimed racing game has come. Capcom maintained the license free for a year and now Milestone, the developer which has created other games related to the motor sector as the WRC rallies saga, the SuperBike (SBK) or the Superstars V8, restart the development of the series. With this new release, Milestone wants to take a big step forward with one of its best creations of the genre. MotoGP 2013 is, with no doubt, one of the best games of this sport. If you are fan of motorcycling you cannot miss the opportunity of getting this release.

Certainly, the main feature of this title is the Official License. Thanks to it, the manufacturers have been able to include all the racers, motorbikes and teams of the grid along with the present tracks in the championship along with other features. What does all this mean? That we can select our team -Yamaha, Ducati or Honda- and that we will be racing as we were Jorge Lorenzo or Dani Pedrosa.

Besides the license for the GP competition, the game also includes the licenses to compete with the racers of Moto 2 and their 600cc and 140hp motorcycles, and with the ones of Moto 3 with their bikes of 250cc and 50hp. This offers us the possibility of playing with almost 100 racers from different categories. Besides, thanks to the teams colors and the customized helmets of every racer, we can distinguish them easily, which give us a bigger sense of realism.

The game follows the rules of racers position loyally, like in real life. Lorenzo, Márquez and Pedrosa fight the majority of MotoGP races, without forgetting Rossi who, althoughis no longer the one who achieved resounding victories in previous releases, you can still see him competing for the first positions. In Moto 3 there are also the most famous racers like Luis Salom, Alex Reins or Maverick Viñales, and in Moto 2 we can highlight Mika Kallo, Takaaki Nakagami, Scott Redding or Pol Espargaró.

We must stand out that we can’t play with all the racers from the beginning. Some of them will have to be unlocked by achieving XP that we can get according to the position we have in the races, the difficulty level we are playing with or if the motorcycle damages are enabled or not. Of course, the most important racers will be available from the start to offer more dynamism on our way to the podium.

Other of the great advantages of the Dorna license -the company who manage the championship rights- is that all tracks are present. We will be able to compete in the eighteen tracks, all of them with a high realism as much in their route as in the environment around them. From the huge panoramic stands of Cheste, to the oval track of Indianapolis including the Corkscrew of Laguna Seca, we will ride all the tracks-even the new of Austin (Texas)- as well as the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya in Montmeló and others like the ones in Assen, Mugello, Losail, etc.

Apart from all this, the license also includes the official soundtrack of the championship and interesting data and statistics about the racers and the tracks to not bore players during the loading time. Besides, when we are with our racing driver in the box, we will see race engineers’ faces like Ramón Forcada or Santi Hernández, the people in charge of managing the process of drivers, like Lorenzo or Márquez, from the box.

Leaving the advantages of official licenses aside, the game offers us a high customization level. Like if it was a mixture of arcade and simulator, youwill have the possibility of managing different aspects of the motorcycle, along the chance of increasing and decreasing the traction control, managing the racer’s weight over the motorcycle and many other features. With no doubt, this will make the driving easier for those users who are not used to the game, but you will have a better experience if you disable them and feel like a real racer with all the complications it brings.

Logically, the motorcycles from the minor categories are much easier to dominate, we will get how it goes straight away since it’s not difficult to control the races and reach the podium. Otherwise, if you choose the Yamaha M1 of Lorenzo, for example, we will instantly feel the difference; the motorcycle will skid at the least little thing and it will make us to fly out of the track since it requires the highest driving and handling accuracy. Despite their speed and power, they require a special sensibility with the braking times, inclination and turn in the curves.

Besides, the game allows us to customize the motorcycles according to our own driving style. We will be able to add them longer gears in straights or shorter gears to achieve a higher traction in the exit of curves. Also, we can customize the breaks’ sensibility, pneumatics, suspension, handlebars and other benefits to make our driving easier, more comfortable and adapted to our own driving style, depending on our desire of using up our motorcycle to the maximum or laying it down in curves.

The game has some game modes, from the classics like the World Championship mode, the Grand Prix or the Time Attack races. We can compete in the world championship, a race in a particular track or a fast race. At the same time, the game counts with an online multiplayer mode up to 12 players and a split screen mode for two players. The structure is created as in real life. We will do the practice rounds, as well as the qualifying modes –Q1 and Q2- in order to achieve the pole position for the race in which we will compete later.

With no doubt, the leading mode of the game is the Career Mode. Here we will be able to create our own racer with which we will have to climb little by little from Moto 3 to Moto GP. After choosing its appearance (number, helmet and even driving style) we will have to take him to the track and start to compete. The first year we will barely participate in four races as a guest racer without the opportunity of winning the title; but the following season we will have the possibility of signing a contract with one of the teams of the grid depending on how we made it.

We will move forward the championship and we will challenge particular drivers, and if we defeat them it is possible that their team show interest in you for a possible transfer. We will also appear in a kind of social network inside the game where we can get fans and other racers can write something in our wall. Also, before every race we will get reports from newspapers and magazines in which if we start winning competitions you will be the star.

Despite the realism of tracks, motorcycles and racers, the graphic engine suffers a little bit sometimes. It is not up to other current racing games yet like Gran Turismo 5. We notice all these issues mostly in the start line, in which there is a bigger accumulation of racers despite the number of drivers was reduced to solve the problem –instead of more than thirty racers who originally compete in minor categories there are barely twenty five. The damage effects are just mud stains when we fell.

According to the sounds, we have to highlight the engines effects that will act as a guide to control the acceleration and skidding when it comes to break and take the curves. The soundtrack is almost imperceptible and the commentaries made by Keko Ochoa, the former commentator of the world championship, are very poor.

PHPnuke’s opinion of this MotoGP version

In our opinion, after a long wait and a little bit disappointing previous titles, this installment was promising. However, despite it has the majority of the offered aspects, the game does not reach the desired target yet. It is true that the realism in racers and tracks is remarkable, but there are mistakes in graphics like ads signs that appear and disappear or the rain drops which are not convincing. Nevertheless, there are some points we can highlight like the drying of the track when the sun shines.

Despite that, we can enjoy the progress of the calendar as we compete in the races of the world championship. The weather system will change as time goes by, so we can play in a sunny or rainy day. The game offers us a changing weather even during races. As in real life, we can also compete at night, so we will see the tracks artificially illuminated.

Other mistake we found is that it does not matter in which team we are when it comes to entering the boxes, mechanics and racers’ animations will be always the same for everyone. But, what it called our attention is the simulation, despite many people said it is very realistic, in our opinion is more like an arcade.

Driving simulation is far from what we can see in other releases like SuperBike of the same company or the one in MotoGP 4, that although it has worse graphics it gave us the feeling of racing with one of these two-wheel beasts. Riding the motorcycle is sometimes a little bit unreal. For example, when it comes to bend down the racer’s head to gather speed in straights, it is difficult to handle the motorcycle and you start rolling around from one side to the other making it too difficult to enter the curves. We also noticed that when we did very tight turns and we touched the front break, the motorcycle literally slammed to the ground and most of the time you ended eating dust, it not like other games that you have more itinerary.

Besides, we have to stand out that the AI sometimes leaves much to be desired. When we start from the back positions, racers let you to overtake them, and if we choose one of the good ones like Lorenzo or Márquez, although we fell up to four times, we overtook many of them reaching the top positions.

Therefore, if you are a MotoGP fan, this game is an essential option for your collection. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a real-time motorcycling simulator it will not convince you as any other. This is an aspect that Milestone still has to improve for the next releases of the saga.

System requirements for the free download of MotoGP

The minimum system requirements to download this title are:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: Intel 2.4GHz or higher
  • Memory: 1GB of RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 7GB of free space
  • Graphic card NVIDIA GeForce 7600
  • Internet connection required for the online multiplayer mode

For further information, check the developer’s website .

  • Very good graphics
  • Realism in tracks and racers
  • Complete license in the world championship and in minor categories
  • Great variety of game modes, including the online multiplayer mode
  • Customization options in racers, motorcycles and features
  • The driving and the simulation are a little bit arcade
  • Some bugs need to be solved