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Adobe InDesign CC 2015.3 Build

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A Much Improved Software That Makes Your Work Easier and Faster

By Isay Almenanza

On Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In my opinion, Adobe InDesign CS6 is in the right direction, with its additional features and improved performance, I must say, it is much better than its previous version. The combination of enhanced digital publishing tools, PDF form authoring and lots of workflow improvements make this one a worthy software to every page designers and graphic artists out there.

I like how they remodel the layouts into new page sizes, where the Liquid Layout feature is now more convenient. The pages can now be reshaped and also the Contents Adjust will be suitable into new dimensions. In addition, I also like the enhancement of its Content tools like Content Collector, Content Placer and Content Conveyor tool. These tools work together perfectly fine to make you collect things for multiple re-use, repurposing and efficient placement.

I believe Adobe InDesign CS6 is still the top professional page design software today, with its new and improved feature, I am sure every professional will be glad to have this brilliant software.


  • New tools to make PDF forms
  • Pages can now be reshaped


  • Some of its features are complex
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This program is the top choice of many professional designers, artists and publishers

By Sam James

On Friday, August 22, 2014

Having a background in Adobe Page Maker and Adobe Dreamweaver is very helpful in learning Adobe InDesign CS6. If you do not have any idea regarding this program, I am telling you that you will spend a lot of your time on the tutorials and help pages available online. In my opinion, this software is really great and very useful in so many things. A good part here is that it can create a PDF file that is ready for printing. Not only that, there are also loads of features and upgrades that I am very sure will help you with your work. Some of the new functions include liquid layout and alternate layout, the convenient toolbars and many more. Isn’t that great? Adobe InDesign CS6 gives you the ability to do just about anything you need in desktop publishing. All in all, I recommend this program to all novice users and professionals especially if you are a writer, publisher or artist. This program is vital for your chosen profession.


  • Simple, intuitive and attractive interface
  • Several advances related to resizing layouts


  • Some upgrades and features are complex
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The Top Choice for Page Layout among Professional Graphic Designers

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Wednesday, September 3, 2014

With the continued growth of digital publishing, this program is packed with new upgrades, new features and new tools that will help you to improve your designs more. I can say that this program is more glamorous and exciting compared to the last version of it. A previous version of this program is focused very much on all things in digital, the ability to preflight & design layouts not only for digital and print devices, but also for publishing devices. Right now, the main focused of Adobe InDesign CS6 remains on the digital side of things, but digital alongside print. Furthermore, having a background with Adobe PageMaker is very helpful in learning this program. If you don’t have any idea about this program, you should watch any tutorials on the internet. Honestly this one is very excellent in so many ways. There are many tools that I can use in my designs. Overall, I love the program. It is easy to understand but very difficult to master.


  • The improved pages panel displays all my layouts clearly
  • More useful tools that I can use for my editing


  • The program is very expensive
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I will use the program to make a new layout for our newspaper and to be part of the national school press conference this coming January 2018.

  • To establish a poster during a scientific manifestation and to use as a eductaion tools. I am using also thos software to o build a oral presentation support

  • I will use Adobe InDesign CC 2015.3 Build trial version for trying to learn the program in designing layouts, aiming to improve my desingning skills.

  • For non-professional usage only in lay-outing and publishing of school's paper it will help me as a beginner. I will going to practice for future use.

  • I am thinking o changing my job and becoming a graphic designer. I would like to take a class in InDesign for medium users, so I need to learn the basics of the software first.

What similar programs have you used?
  • my Personal Pc and other work design also such as so very easy program is true the life in stability make this program use me for pc comfortable

  • photoshop cs4, illustrator, to make desings and logos to my college association which we are engineers in making and love all your programs.

  • i using adobe photoshop cs6 and cs5 in two pcs .these are very nice software for design. so now i need make booklet in inDesign so i dowloading it .

  • I have never used any program like this one. I would like to know Indesign because a lot of people has told me is very useful to edit documents in a good format.

  • I haven't used any program. Can you please let me download it already? Cuz I've tried downloading it from Adobe website and I failed. I reall

What do you like most about this program?
  • It can be used to create works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers and books. InDesign can also publish content suitable for tablet devices in conjunction with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

  • What i like most with this application are the features where in i can explore and improve my lay outing skills for our better school paper.

  • i want to better design and easy option in this software. nothing other actually i have no much idea for this program that's why i am speechless ok

  • Designing and making objects like pictures and others beautiful and be more artistic and creative about doing different photos in our daily li

  • I can check if its really good and not space consuming. This will also help me to do projects and assignments. It's easier to use and convenient


Adobe InDesign is a software for digital page designing developed by Adobe Systems. After replacing Quark Xpress as king of the page designing programs, InDesign has become layout standard thanks to its tools and workflow. It is the perfect application for designing magazines or formatting epub books.

As part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, the program is able to interact with the rest of the Suite’s programs as Photoshop or Dreamweaver.

How to use

The most important novelty we will find on InDesign CC is its inclusion on Adobe’s Cloud. That will give us a new way to enjoy the software with different plans to purchase and download. InDesign CC will be constantly connected to the Creative Cloud and will have access to all new updates and professional support. Work with the Cloud to share your projects easily with other users for free.

The program speed has been enhanced. InDesign is now faster and smoother and it works with native 64-bit support, being perfect when exporting PDF’s and INX files. Besides, this quicker system will help to generate an instant font preview in your layout.

The interface has been improved and now looks like all the Adobe’s suite, creating a consistency between programs and improving the workflow experience. As the rest of the suite programs, it will receive Sync Fonts, a new tool to find the perfect font for your work.

The new font system will help us to search and filter all the fonts by your criteria or names and will let us to save our favourite ones.

InDesign CC will continue being the page design reference in the industry. Adobe has completed the program with new tools and features, and with its inclusion into the Cloud it has enhanced the whole suite and has closed a really interesting product for designers and graphic creators.

Adobe InDesign CC 2015.3 Build Features

Here you will find the most interesting new attributes of InDesign CC:

- Faster performance. Enhanced speed and stability, working with all kind of formats

- New UI according to the rest of the suite.

- HiDPI support. The greatest clarity and vibrancy on every single element of your high-resolution work

- Improved font work. Set your favourite fonts and customize your preferences

- Create clear QR codes

- Perfectly implemented in the Suite

- Great connexion with Adobe’s Cloud

- Community full of users, tips and tutorials

System requirements

Check the requirements your PC needs to meet to download this program:

  • Processor Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64
  • OS Microsoft 7 with Service Pack 1 installed or above
  • At least 3gb of RAM
  • 2.6 GB free HDD space for the installation, even though more space will be needed during the installation
  • 1024x768 minimum display with 32-bit video card
  • Adobe Flash Player 10 will be required to export SWF files.
  • An Internet connection will be needed for this software installation, for the membership validation and for accessing to the online services and tutorials.

For more information about the software, add-ons applications and plug-ins, and to check the online tutorials, feel free to check the developer’s website .

  • Perfect integration with the Suite
  • New IU that gives continuity to the workflow
  • Enhanced font work
  • New tools that make it the layout reference.
  • Creative Cloud.
  • Creative Cloud, you can love it or hate it