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Internet Explorer 11.0.26 For Win 7

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Internet Explorer is a web browser developed by Microsoft that stands as one of the mainly used applications around the world. The application presents several changes since the first version, being the last one a browser that clearly exceeds previous IE editions. Its performance and its visual aspect is now better and cleaner, with powerful tools that enhance the surfing experience of the users providing extra functions thanks to its add-ons’ service.

This software can automatically update just by marking the check box in the Help menu, a very useful option for not checking constantly on the Internet if a new version has been released. The interface is pretty simple, clean and easy to customize adding new functions and hiding the options you feel not necessary. The browser presents the website you visit as the main thing, without annoying you with additional information and toolbars that wastes space on your screen.

In order to take back its previous leader situation back when Internet Explorer 6 was the standard, Microsoft’s is trying to improve its navigating software in order to compete with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. For fulfilling this, Internet Explorer has enhanced its compatibility with Adobe Flash Player, offering great multimedia content thanks to this component.

Improved security and more

Nowadays computers acts as an active part of our life, they are devices where we store not only our work but also memories like photo albums and even music. In order to protect those elements, Internet Explorer has improved its security incorporating SmartScreen, a function which alerts us if there is any malicious software in the websites we visit. The update of this filter is automatic due to the information is provided directly from Microsoft’s lists. According to its developer’s number, over a billion malware attempts for users back in 2010.

Another great addition for Internet Explorer is the add-ons support. This way you can add free additional functions to the basic application in order to enhance its uses, like an automatic translator or bars authorized by Microsoft. In case you are more interested on keeping informed about the news around the world you can enjoy with basic RSS reader included in the browser.

The tab navigation feature allows the users to have several websites opened at the same time in the very same window. This way you can check different information sources almost instantly. About this feature, the developer has made that each tab must be treated as an individual process, this way despite being increased the consumption of the system’s resources if the application crashes it will not affect to all the different tabs.

Internet Explorer 11.0.26 For Win 7 Features

These are the main features that Internet Explorer offers to its users:

  • Navigate through tabs and include them in your task bar
  • Great speed thanks to hardware acceleration
  • IE runs each tab as a complete independent process
  • New Download Manager for getting files more comfortably
  • SmartScreen Filter that protects your computer against known malware
  • Automatic update system
  • Supports HTML 5 and additional Industry standards
  • One box for controlling every aspect (URLs, Bing searches…)
  • Extra add-ons support

If you want to learn more of this software you can visit its developer’s website.

System Requirements

Here you can check the minimum system requirements to download Internet Explorer:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista SP2 32-bit or further
  • Memory: 512MB RAM
  • HDD: 70MB Free Space at least


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