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Have access to a wide range of multimedia content using this excellent application

By Reinalei Jamir

On Thursday, June 5, 2014

Even if you do not have an Apple device, I believe you are familiar with iTunes. This powerful multimedia application allows you to play music and even movies. Since I love listening to podcasts, I find this audio player very useful. At the same time, I can easily organize my files and create my playlist. I also use this software to access the iTunes Store to check-out the latest movie offerings, games, magazines and many more. I am particularly interested on books and other educational materials and iTunes gives me access to all these and more. Since I have an iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, I am able to maximize all the great features of this application. I love how Apple makes constant updates to make sure that issues about bugs are addressed immediately. I recently tried to send games to my brother through the “gift” service which I find very convenient. Overall, I love iTunes because the data and multimedia content that I have downloaded are available in all my Apple devices.


  • Access a wide range of applications
  • Download a selection of movies and music


  • Program available for Apple devices only
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Play, Sync and Manage Your File with This Useful Apple Application

By Maria Bernabe

On Thursday, June 5, 2014

iTunes is lighter, faster and sleeker than the old form. It comes with some advanced features and clarification, such as improved iCloud integration that lets me play my iTunes purchases right away on all my devices. The new library views clean up media collection disorder. The expanded view displays album notes in the same place, so I don't need to click again. iTunes is still a free software even for Windows, which is the best part of all.

It improved the podcast management. It has the largest catalog of music and video around. It also has an Internet radio with a large selection of styles, excellent Mini Player interface, and iCloud integration. It now supports 1080p HD movies and TV shows, and iPhone and iPad apps organization.

When I start typing top hits and artists, the songs are listed. Once I choose a song or artist, I’ll see an extensive album list and a discreet button to the right that says Allow Explicit, in which I can enable or disable. It depends on my level of simplicity.


  • Nice and sleeker form than the old version
  • Develop compatibility with iBooks for Mac on OS X Mavericks


  • Quits unexpectedly when the device is connected to PC
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All the online music in just a single application by Apple

By Jane Middleburg

On Friday, April 25, 2014

Manage all your music with just a single application, which is what iTunes means for all its users. As you may know, this application is a must in case you have one of Apple’s devices since the content will be managed through this software. This application is compatible with music, video, eBooks and mobile apps for iOS devices in order to use it with your iPhone or iPad to get total control of its content. The way it is designed allows the users to manage all the multimedia content they have in local folders and additionally get online content from the iTunes store such as TV shows, movies and music albums.

The application has several uses thanks to the tools included for home sharing, and getting to your personal folder in the iCloud services. Definitively it is a great partner for managing your multimedia content within a single program with no more problems. The possibilities are great, from converting your audio files into other formats to listening to a podcast and online radio stations. Discover why iTunes is one of the most popular multimedia players in any system by yourself, join the Apple side of life and enjoy music as it should.


  • Online podcasts and smart Genius feature
  • Manage all your music according to your likes and genres
  • Compatible with Apple online services


  • It doesn’t support all video formats
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • For all the latest tv shows, songs and videos and also to enable my disabled ipod touch. i love itunes because it always kepps me updated with everything

  • music playing and organisation and whatever else occurs to me as i wend my weary way through life answering dumb questions like this until i die

  • Syncronising my iphone to my computer in order to load music, videos and photos. Watching movies online to is another thing I am planning to

  • download music on my iphone. and back up my files and also update my phone, the lattest itunes has alot more features i hear. hope to check it out

  • I am Just gonna use with my iPhone to update y cell phone and have some music in it to listen on daily basis. This will big help for me to kee

What similar programs have you used?
  • itunesetup better p;erformance it is my choice that is so great and eligible fast networking always great people v\choose thi i sure next tim

  • skype whatsaap facebook uc browser imo messenger instagram shareit vpn temple run 2 subway surf betternet 8 ball pool voice memos youtube browser

  • i have use dr phone, jail break and ipad app and other ihpone applications that is helpful to my device but i think itunes is the best ever.

  • I still have not use other programs that similar to itunes. I would prefer this application to be download because of it`s finest and compatiblity of my i phone 5s.

  • itools is a good ios device manager i strongly recommend it to the communitty and ifunbox is another one wiith nothing else to say see ya ..

What do you like most about this program?
  • It help me organizing my device and backup every data I have in it. also it is the only one that do so as per the manufacturer specification

  • love using itunes for my music on my never used anything else no need to it iphone and computrer its the best music programme i've ever used

  • cloud faetures and the chance of users can organize their media content easily through a virtual media library. This can be shared over a closed local network

  • i like about it its so important for someone that uses iphone , ipad, itouch it help to backup ur media and apps its really a usefull programme

  • entertainment for my iphone purpose searching the net catching up with my friends on social media via some chat aplications and fun of music


iTunes is audio player software which is used to control any kind of multimedia content you store in your system. This media player is also a management tool which has become a reference as a device manager and media operator thanks to its functionalities, performance, developments and updates.

iTunes is a download, compatible with any type of multimedia document, what makes it a very complete tool. In latest versions, it includes iCloud, which is a cloud technology service, with which you will arrange the content of all your devices easily, music or video, books, podcasts, apps or images on their compatible devices.

Play, sync and manage

With the renewed, lighter and intuitive interface of iTunes 11.1.3, you will be able to organize and make the visualization of your movies and songs; with iTunes Genius you will make playlists and mixes. You can access to iTunes Store to look for games, apps, podcast, books or movies. Increase your knowledge with iTunes U. With iTunes you can purchase gift cards, give music disc as presents or the best of cinema, books, apps or games. Check the news regarding apps, free singles, movies or recommendations in iTunes Store homepage.

One of the best sections that this software includes is its library. It is really easy to use, and you can see and modify all your files from there. With iTunes latest version, you can synchronize all your compatible devices with the whole content of the library. Besides, you can create different profiles for each one in order to choose which data you want in each electronic accessory.

iTunes Genius is a tool that works from the central server to analyze and compare your music library with others users’ ones; relating them according to users preferences, creating playlists with other users’ song and performing periodic suggestions about other melodies you might like. With this tool, you will be able to create a playlist and mixes in an intelligent way or create your own playlists with shorts steps, just selecting the music you want.

iTunes U is a recent and very interesting addition because you will find lessons, videos and other media files from top universities, museums and cultural institutions around the world. You can access to all this information for free. Whether you're a student or you're simply curious, this feature can be very useful.

Regenerated image and functionality

This new version has renewed the program’s interface. Now iTunes is easier to use and has a better use of space. The new Mini Player is smaller than the general one and it includes basics buttons that are useful if you are doing many things at the same time on your device.

Regarding the interface, the lateral bar which was placed at the left has disappeared, as most users didn’t use it so much, and thus there is more available space. What makes it easy to find any file or download, is the search engine placed above the toolbar from where you can filter by name, year, genre…

Integrated and free iCloud service

If you plan to be in an area without connection or WiFi, you can download your iCloud content to save it in your device. A curiosity of the new interface is its memory that stores the moment you stopped a playback or the book page where you stopped reading in your last session; so you can access on that page or on that precise minute from any of your devices at any time and place.

iCloud archives your music collection acquired in iTunes, but with iTunes Match you will also be able to store the chansons that you've imported from CDs in the cloud. Another improvement is related to the playlist, because with Up Next function you don’t need to create a playlist to organize the order in which songs play; this function allows you to select the next theme to play.

iTunes Features

Below you can find the unique features of iTunes 11.1.3:

  • New view modes in iTunes library (classified in genres)
  • Expand options to customize space
  • Built-in a practical Mini Player
  • iTunes Store to purchase media content
  • Up Next option to know which songs you will listen to next
  • Genius option to recommend users other albums or chansons
  • Renewed interface of the iTunes Store
  • History option to see which tracks did you checked
  • iCloud integration (Download button to get your files in the devices you want)
  • iCloud can remember where you left when you paused a movie, TV show or song to pick it up on other device

If you want know more about this software before downloading it, feel free to check the

developer’s website

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for a correct installation of iTunes11.1.3 are the following:

Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 2 (32Bit and 64Bit) or later

Processor: Intel/AMD 1GHz

RAM Memory: 512 MB

HDD Space: 400 MB of free space

  • Easy to use
  • Includes iCloud service
  • Better arrangement of songs
  • It offers educative content
  • Provides free educational content to iTunes U
  • Suggest music and albums that you might like with iTunes Genius
  • It uses too many resources