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Microsoft Office 2013 15.0.4805.1003

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Personal use like simple word processing and power point making for small school projects i want to try the new version before buying it thanks

  • I am downloading this software package for evaluation purpose only. Once I find this one suitable I will purchase the suite for parmanent use

  • For Educational Purposes and to make my own projects using either Ms word or Ms powerpoint and to use Microsoft Excel in tallying yo grades.

  • my computer hp 2000 I would like to use the best office. Thanks for your free service. Can I start download now please why I need to write it

  • will be using it for office work and class assignments.which will help me make my work simplified.emailing,documentations,reports plus all

What similar programs have you used?
  • microsoft office 2010 for lenovo that is what i used before so please let me download this program now thank you and more power God bless always

  • before i have used microsoft office 2007 and it was too old, i decided to change for a new one, i also got my pc reformated so everything was gone. i will try to do

  • we need this application whole package to use in my computer for all doumentation activity and other my work puposes hence i am going to use it

  • I want to use it for my academics and personal work like assignments given by teachers or anyone else. I want to know how these modern techs changes our lives

  • i havent used Anything similare and to this , i always use microsoft office because its the easiest program although i have tried wordpad ,

What do you like most about this program?
  • compatibility of the software is so good compared to other versions, the most use full softwate i had ever used in the past years in my working experience

  • first let me use it. I have not yet tried went through the features. I liked save as and open techniques. It will definitely be new and advanced.

  • the feautures that enable us to store our documents into our drive in which we can back up later in case of emergencies. i also love the newly designed microsoft office. very smooth

  • its latest version of microsoft office is helpful in doing my excel work,my literary write up, and powerpoint presentations, as well as my publishing jobs.

  • I can do most anything for school assignments, powerpoint, excel and more options that you have. I really appreciate all that this software offers.


Microsoft Office 2013 is the latest release of the well-known business and productivity suite developed by Microsoft. It includes several improvements, fixes and new characteristics compared to the 2010 version, but there is one that stands out from the rest: Cloud services’ integration. Understood as its greatest new feature, it allows you to store documents online, synchronizing Microsoft accounts between devices and, of course, working with your Office files wherever you are. Then, it’s a quite interesting alternative to Drive and the well-known Gmail’s Google Docs. On the other hand, something that has surprised users is that this suite does no longer provide support for Windows XP OS.

This version can work not only with computers, but also with smartphones, tablets, and even with PCs that do not have the software installed. In this case, you just need to get connected to the Internet and use ‘Office on Demand’, which will allow you to temporarily run full versions of its programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher. If you stored your files in SkyDrive, then you will be able to keep working on them.

What is new in its programs?

Microsoft Office 2013 includes Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Excel and Access. All of them have something in common; they offer a cleaner and straightforward design and have full integration with the cloud. Word, one of the most popular programs of the suite, now includes an enhanced ‘Read Mode’ with a distraction-free style which removes any toolbar and provides an ‘E-Reader’ experience. Also, it allows opening PDFs and editing its content, something most users will surely appreciate.

Excel adds a new tool aimed to save user’s time. It is called ‘Flash Fill’ and it is a data assistant that detects what you want to do, entering the rest of the content so that you consider some pre-established patterns. It does not need extra formulas or macros. Besides, with ‘Chart Recommendations’, you will see what’s the most suitable chart for your data. Similarly, each spreadsheet has its window, making possible to work with two of them simultaneously.

PowerPoint enhances projection views and set-up of presentations, widens the variety of shapes, transitions and themes, and adds more dynamic zoom functionality. Outlook now gives support for ‘Exchange Active Sync’, which allows receiving notifications of your social networks. OneNote, Access and Publisher have experienced changes too, but they are not as relevant as those mentioned in the previous programs.

Nevertheless, Microsoft has removed several features from its previous suites such as Microsoft SharePoint Workspace, Microsoft Office Picture Manager and Microsoft Clip Organizer. Besides, neither Office 2007 nor Office 2010 chart styles are longer available in this new suite. These are the ones that surprised most to users, although there have been other removed features, especially in Microsoft Outlook, that were also important such as Outlook Activities tab, Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) or Outlook Exchange Classic offline.

Microsoft Office 2013 15.0.4805.1003 Features

The unique features of this cloud-based suite are the following:

  • Integration of Cloud service to save and share files with 20GB available for storage
  • Support for smartphones, tablets and computers with no Office installed
  • Automatically updated
  • ‘Save As’ and ‘Open’ options have been improved: you do not longer need to browse and scroll in dialog boxes to select those functions
  • Possibility of holding ‘Shared Meetings’ with other users
  • Easier possibilities to share files: all the options appear together in File > Share
  • New ‘Metro’ interface: ribbon is kept and controls are touch-enabled
  • Possibility of choosing between several templates or recent files when getting started; now blank files are not the default start of your performance
  • Possibility of complementing Microsoft Office 2013 with a subscription in Office 365, an Internet-oriented and familiar suite

If you want to read more information about Microsoft Office 2013 before you download it, feel free to visit the developer’s site.

System Requirements to download it correctly

Below you can find the minimum system requirements for the download and setup of this new version of the suite in your computer:

  • Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2 or further
  • Processor: 1GHz or faster
  • RAM Memory: 1GB for 32-bit and 2GB for 64-bit
  • Graphics card compatible with DirectX 10 and with 1024 x 576 screen resolution
  • Hard Disk Space: 3GB of free space
  • Skype account is sometimes required
  • Some functions require Internet connection