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A Brutal yet Entertaining FPS Game for All Serious Players Out There

By Isay Almenanza

On Thursday, June 5, 2014

As a Call of Duty enthusiast, I found World at War an impressive game, and nothing is better than shooting at loads of German’s face during WWII. This type of WWII game is unique. It has an amazing graphics that you will think it is real, and the gameplay is more thrilling and refreshing. The Nazi zombie mode is very entertaining, and it has lots of action.

If there is one word I can sum up this Call of Duty installment, it is brutal! Every game mode of this game is just brutal. Blood are all spilled all over the places and once you kill the enemies, you will see their bloods coming out, but honestly I like it! Every shooting game must be like this one, so extreme and heart pounding.

Overall, World at War is a must have for any serious gamers out there. It has a different kind of game modes that you can play. COD: World at War raises the bar for all FPS games.


  • It has an excellent graphics and gameplay
  • The game modes are very impressive


  • Multiplayer has some lagging issues



War for over eighteen years. The first scene of World at War amply warned of the tone that will bring the whole campaign.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Monday, January 11, 2016

The first scene of World at War amply warned of the tone that will bring the whole campaign. The soldier Miller, who starred in one of the two storylines that will visit, is tied to his knees in front of their Japanese enemies. Ready to die, looks like you open your partner's throat, smearing blood all over the wall. Luckily, and how could it be otherwise, the seventh cavalry is coming for us. We take a gun and conflict, which can be felt from the first moment the mature tone that already saw in Call of Duty 4, even gaining more importance here begins. Blood, amputations, foul language are symbols that this is a game for over eighteen years. But what is the tone of both stories, where the boundaries between good and evil is blurred.

All soldiers will face us will have their fair share of detail included, although certain signs of repetition no longer appear in their modeling, especially when we see the German army uniform. The Japanese are made distinguishable by category, but when we come him -which Haran, will notice this small defect. For our part, weapons are faithfully represented in terms of design; Therefore no response.

Another success is the competitive side that we find while playing. We will have a marker score from the start, and as occurs with the online competitive side, we'll scoring more or less depending on how many and how we kill our rivals. We were also awarded extras to keep us alive, cause more deadly explosions, etcetera.

Play with one, two or three friends is the best way to enjoy World at War.


  • The cooperative mode for up to four players.
  • The dark tone and bloody Russian campaign.


  • Practically identical to last CoD graphics, missions and situations.



One of the Best First-Person Shooter Games I Have Ever Played

By Christine Diaz

On Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I have played most of the Call of Duty installments, and I found it fun to play. The game has nice graphics and visuals. The campaign is good, and the story that runs through the game is totally amazing and awesome.

The wide range of mission will keep you playing for many hours without being bored with the repetitive tasks of this game. Call of Duty also permits the use of a huge variety of weaponry throughout the game. In addition, this game has a multiplayer aspect which is a good feature. There are loads of levels and weaponry which you can unlock as you improve your ranking through online mode.

Overall, this is a fun game with some nice touches. It has difficulty levels than the previous version of it. The replay value is pretty high. For me, buying this game is worth of my money. Hope you will like this game too!


  • Excellent graphics and good storyline
  • The single player campaign is engaging


  • Feels the same as COD 1-3




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  • The zombies is really good. multiplayer is hacked. campaign is two players on playstation and xbox. Hope it doesnt lag too much on my computer

After the success of Modern Warfare, COD – the legendary Activision’s series – comes back to its origins with Call Of Duty: World At War, which means to return to the War of Wars to put ourselves in the soviets’ and the American’s shoes in order to fight against hordes of Nazis. The Infinity Ward’s guys have entrusted the famous studio Treyarch with the development of this new version, and the studio has known how to preserve all the improvements its predecessor had made and how to adapt them (again) to a conflict that is too trite in this kind of games.

Great environmental lighting, new and improved graphics and physics, a considerable dynamically increase in PEGI scales (recommended age: older than 17 years) and a co-operative online mode for four-players. This mode introduces some multiplayer components like rankings, challenges…adding re-playability.Those are the new proposals of a series that offers gamers a lot of emotion and fun, but still, it starts being stuck and loosing attraction.

Call Of Duty: World At War Features

The features of Call Of Duty: World At War are:

  • Totally recommended to COD’s fans
  • Notable improvement of its graphics and physics
  • Its maps are wider and less linear
  • Competitive co-operative online mode up to four-players. Hours of fun guarantee
  • Awesome environment, specially the bloody and dark Russian campaigns. We will feel the persistent experience of being in de middle of a real war

For more information about this new launch, you can visit the official webpage .


For years, FPS (First-person shooter) games have done an excessive use of the most awful and bloody conflicts the modern humanity has suffered. Harrowing and climatic battles, names we will remember forever, a conflict that completely changed the world we live in, and an uncensored experience;all those things are not an excuse for repeating a game again and again and just adding better graphics and cinematic intensity.

The Californian studio Infinity Ward realized that fact and renovated this legendary war series in a modern conflict that had the critical and public approval (COD Modern Warfare). Nevertheless, Activision (Call of Duty rights owner studio) has left Treyarch in charge of the next title of the series in order to give back the identity and the spirit this series is based on. So we return to the forties, we take the Pacific’s islandsand the Soviet citiesagain, and we go to Berlin.

In Call Of Duty: World At War, we will control several characters with different abilities in two different lines of argument. On one hand we will have Pvt. C. Miller, a young American that will start his story trapped in a Japanese camp and watching his friends being brutally murdered by their enemies. Luckily for him, an allied battalion will appear and will save him in the last second, letting him to avenge his friends and establishing American justice.

The second line of argument is represented of course by Pvt. Dimitri Pentreko, a Red Army’s soldier who has just crossed the Volga in order to go into the horrible battle of Stalingrad. Sergeant Viktor Reznov will become our colleague and guide to show us all the existing dangers and difficulties. For sixteen levels, we will play alternating both stories and chaotic combats, which will harden our soldier spirit and will take us to the Reich’s core.

Speaking about the software, we will see that the whole game system (such as the graphics) continues the work wonderfully created by Infinity Ward’s designers. Characters and objects details are very stunning, even though if we pay attention to some things we can see that a lot of textures and characters are repeated, making the task of distinguishing one German soldier from anotherimpossible. Its maps do shake up the series gameplay, and they add different paths for arriving to our destination. So we will find several forms for attacking or laying an ambush for our enemies, and the gameplay won’t be as linear as in the other versions. For that reason we will enjoy playing the online game. Maps can be extended in space and shape, so, many times we will have to go on among tanks and colleagues, and to move forward guided by our orientation in the middle of a chaotic war environment.

Regarding the weapons use, World at War is not a World War Two game. It is true that we have the same weapons, and that we move forward the same countries and territories, but the limitations of that period give way to a succession of explosions, unlimited shots and stages where the only thing we will understand is the war apology. Machine guns, guns, and rifles will be taken over by rocket launchers and flamethrowers with which,in several occasions, we will have to go into the enemy’s trench. Sometimes we will be left without ammunition, but it is more a reason for us to try to pick up the weapons laid on the floor and take out our knife, than a tactical necessity.

AI has been improved too, and it will attack us in different ways depending on the nationality of our assailant.

Germans will use distant techniques, in which their security is their main idea. They will always shoot, conceal and search secure spots to shot from different positions, which make them very difficult to eliminate. On the contrary, Japanese soldiers will use their code of honor to attack us in the kamikaze style. They will do that by laying an ambush for us o by pretending to be dead, and then jumping to us with bayonets and shouting “Banzai”. This will produce a little quick time event (very similar to the ones we saw with the dogs in previous versions), in which we will have to be quick in order to not pass away.

As we mentioned before, the quantity of blood and rude words has been multiplied in this game. COD has always been a game for adults, but the new graphic engine power, along with the sound improvements, makesit inevitable to watch and see things in a very explicit way, that’s why this game is classified for people older than seventeen years.

Musical setting is divided in compositions of magnificent orchestras and in electronic mixes that are not wrong but weird. The soundtrack of this kind of games has always been full of violins and chorus, so it is nice to hear daring new compositions with ethnical, metal and techno styles. Regarding the voices, the game has been dubbed by Gary Oldman and Kiefer Sutherland who make a great work.

But, without a doubt, the funniest thing in this game is the multiplayer mode, although there is also the single-player mode, of course. Following the style of this title, the online mode is just a set of little improvements from the Modern Warfare work. Treyarch has known how to keep all the good things of the Infinity Ward game and has added just some necessary things to finish it up. Some of these things are: big propulsion to the competition, a scoreboard with visible points from the first moment which not only counts the number of murders, but also its technique and riskiness, and the extra points for staying alive, generating explosions, etc.

Another good move of this version is the possibility it gives to the player to play any mission with up to three friends, even the stages of the main story mode. Thanks to the opening-up and the loss of linearity of the maps, this possibility seems to be the funniest one. Planning our assault tactics, laying ambushes for the enemies and securing some perimeters will turn out to be a really funny thing while playing, either in the online mode or in split-screen.

Once we take Berlin and we put our flag on the top the Reich building, then we will activate a new game option based in ferocious zombies. In this stage we will have to withstand the attacks of the hordes of not dead, and here we are facing an arcade version of this title which will give us an extra gameplay, and a new thing to play with.

PHP Nuke's Opinion

Call of Duty is back, World War is back too, and we start thinking that no war game will ever surprise us. After Modern Warfare, the first-person shooter lovers were looking forward a second installment, one more realistic and modern, which will allow us to save a world where there are the current problems, as well as normal moral dilemmas. But we return to Germany, we play all those missions we have already done before, we liberate all the cities we have already defend and we shoot the same soldiers we have already killed. So, why do we like this game?

As we have mentioned before, Call Of Duty: World At War is just the amazing Modern Warfare in the forties. The Infinity Ward style followed by Treyarch has been a success and the Infinity Ward’s work has been acclaimed. The FPS player always wants novelties in the storyline, new challenges, and maybe they don’t care where they are produced, but they need an incentive to cross the Volga again without saying: “Haven’t I been here some years ago?”

Call Of Duty: World At War is a game thought for multiplayer mode, either in split-screen (two-player mode) or in online mode. The game style allows the player to practice his new commando techniques, and to move forward in the war while protecting our friends. The number of explosions and animations on the screen helps to create the environment and to integrate the player into the crazy battlefield, and the AI improvements are going to provide us with hours and hours of a varied game. You can find lots of screenshots on the network.

It is not important now that the stories are not intercommunicated or the constant déjà vu we are going to live, this is a game for shooting and explode things. Don’t expect anything else; you are not going to find it. A clear example is found in the flame-thrower stage where we are going to unleash our more sadistic instincts. The vocabulary is more coarse and rude, and some scenes will show you a foreground of some scabrous details: this is war, don’t expect anything better.

System requirements

For the download of Call Of Duty: World At War the minimum system requirements we will need are:

  • Operative System: Microsoft Windows XP or higher (previous versions are not supported)
  • Processor: Intel® Pentium ® 43.0 GHz or AMD® Athlon® 643200+ or higher
  • RAM Memory: at least 512MB, being necessary 1GB for Windows Vista
  • Graphic Card: NvidiaGeForce 6600GT or ATI Radeon 1600XT or higher
  • Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
  • Sound Card: 100% compatible with DirectX 9.0c
  • Free space in the hard disk: at least 1.5GB
  • Internet connection for every multiplayer game

For more information, after the download, take a look to the Developer’s site .


Call Of Duty: World At War is a hard to believe game. After years of innovations, it seems that Activision has stopped and the series starts floundering. It still has a great name, and the final product is very attractive and enjoyable, but we notice a slowly decline of the series, and, if this is not mended, it will end up in the big list of little innovating franchises that finished disappearing in the limbo of games. It is recommended if this is your first approach to FPS (because you won’t find anything better in the current market) or if you are a COD series fan. If you don’t belong to any of the mentioned groups, join us for achieving the continuation of Activision with the Modern Warfare line.

  • Focused on multiplayer mode
  • Amazing environment. In many cases we will find ourselves living stories in real battlefields.
  • The co-operative mode is the best thing we have seen in this kind of games
  • They have known how to make the most of its predecessor virtues
  • The final, tension-filled stage with zombies is a very good closing
  • The plot starts being too trite
  • Many times we will have the feeling of having been playing this title before
  • It is practically the same game as Modern Warfare regarding the gameplay and graphics aspects
  • Some restrictions in team-based game types