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CCleaner: Clean files and improve the performance of your computer

By Gfx Syne

On Thursday, January 7, 2016

CCleaner is a great program to enhance the performance of your computer. It helps to optimize the performance of a computer by removing extra files that are unneeded, programs and softwares that haven’t been used in a while and other trash that seems to be taking up too much space and reducing the efficiency of your processor. It deletes dump files, web browser history, cookies, and other files that stack up to take too much space and are not needed by the computer. Plus, it is free which means that is even easier to clean your computer and enhance the performance of your computer. It frees up disk space and enables the operating system to run faster thereby improving efficiency. Additionally it is fast and only takes a few seconds to run and scan your computer. CCleaner is a useful tool for improving performance, fixing registry errors, and deleting unwanted files.


  • Free and reliable tool for cleaning unwanted files
  • Quickly searches and removes files, and fixes registry errors


  • It runs on 64 bit operating systems
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Clean and remove unnecessary data from your PC with CCleaner

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, May 30, 2014

Cleaner is free software that allows you improve the performance of any computerby removing unnecessary files and invalid Windows registry entries. You can uninstall programs from your PC, and disable running applications on the system startup to improve boot speed. Piriform, the creator of the app, is launching a new version of the application approximately every two months and can be updated automatically if desired.

The functions are:

Cleaner: deletes temporary browser files, Windows Explorer, the operating system and third-party programs. It also offers the ability to add functions a bit more advanced cleaning.

Register: finds and fixes problems like file extensions, invalid addresses and other programs invalid entries. To be safer, CCleaner allows you to back up the registry before cleaning.

Tools: uninstall programs as the Windows control panel also offers the ability to rename the program entry, delete (remove control panel but without uninstalling the program) and save to a text file.


  • Cleaner, which is responsible for keeping our PC clean of all files that are not needed in our computer
  • CCleaner uses an advanced Registry Cleaner to check for problems and inconsistencies.


  • Be careful to use, the application can cause damage to our system that can not be recovered later and ultimately affect the entire system.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • keep my PC runing with good speed. I want to clean old not used software, and some others unwanted . Sorry, no more reasons for downloading the software

  • Search any street with this high resolution 3D map Review Google Earth is a virtual map and globe which provides you geographical information

  • Cleaning unwanted files that appeared on my computer without my knowledge and approval. To eliminate spyware. To supplement my virus protection

  • keep my PC runing with good speed. I want to clean old not used software, and some others unwanted . Sorry, no more reasons for downloading the soft,.

  • clean my pc removing unwanted hidden trash files optimize the performance of my personal home computer use it to advance all aspects of vista

What similar programs have you used?
  • ram cleaner was used as trial version but i was not happy with that now i am trying ccleaner to look at its response . in addittion i have Quck heal pc tuner

  • no i am not using such a programe because i had no time for that activities, so pleas up load this program. i will be thank ful to you and your company

  • I have used CCleaner v2.0.523. This was discharged on 30-SET-12013.Its operation was perfect but I think it was time to actualizaro because as the disc goes utilizadon a profundoa and safe cleaning is needed every day.

  • no pc cleaner program used, even if this is incredible and why do i have to fill out all the characters to download the free version of this

What do you like most about this program?
  • Its provide Better performance in satisfactory level. I am satisfied with the service provided by the program. It is take a little bit time .

  • the cleaning system that cleans the computer fully without leaving any viruses or data so thank you very much for this programi hope you hav

  • it free and effective it will check and delete any bad things that are out on the web also speeds up my computer I have used this product for some time and real sissified


CCleaner is a computer utility used to clean and optimize your PC. Thanks to this program, users will be able to eliminate any kind of junk, temporary files and unnecessary folders that their system does not require anymore, allowing their machine to increase its productivity and enhance its performance for further operations.

CCleaner offers a clear objective, without extremely complicated features –of course, it also presents advanced characteristics but you can allow the luxury of making the hard work all by itself. Among the novelties, we can highlight the compatibility with the new OS Windows 8.1 and with Internet Explorer 11 Release Preview for Windows 7, along with the additions of RealPlayer and Photodex ProShow Producer cleaning process.

Instead of being intrusive as the majority of downloads you could find on the Internet, CCleaner is made only to eliminate the unneeded files and folders on your system, since it does not interfere and deletes any data you don’t allow. Additionally, CCleaner gets to your Windows data with accuracy and efficiently removes what you order.

How it works

When you run the version of 64 bits, the software will detect automatically your CPU, your graphic card, RAM memory and the OS you have installed on your PC. Once you launch CCleaner, it will display four tabs on the left side of its clean interface with its four buttons: Cleaner, Registry, Tools and Options. Each one of them is classified in different parts: its main purpose is to clean your Windows system, so it is divided to differentiate between the registry and the rest of your computer applications.

In the Cleaner tab, the tasks provided by this program are displayed by categories: Multimedia, Internet, Utilities, System, etc. where CCleaner offers you the possibility of enabling the task you want. The Registry option displays other menu to clean all the unnecessary entries on your computer related to a specific part of your system and it also has the option of scanning your PC looking for errors.

The Tools tab lets you uninstall the programs you want, you just need to select the software and run the Uninstaller. CCleaner also has the option of looking for a specific folder and restores your system. Last but not least, you also have the option of upgrading to Pro version and the option of accessing to online support or to the general settings, that you can change along with the possibility to remove cookies of your browser or annoying autocomplete options.

CCleaner 5.22.5724 Features

The main features of this free download cleaner are listed below:

  • It contains advanced features to delete ActiveX Controls, DLLs, Shortcuts, Extensions, etc.
  • It removes junk, temp files, MRUs, logs, cache, download history, cookies, etc.
  • Free of spyware
  • CCleaner has autocomplete entries removal
  • Backup creation in case you remove something accidentally
  • Remote analysis to scan all your devices
  • CCleaner deletes files from media apps like Windows Media Player, eMule, WinRAR, Adobe Acrobat, Nero, Office, etc.

For further information about CCleaner, feel free to check the manufacturer’s website .

Minimum system requirements

The minimum system requirements to correctly download and install CCleaner are the following:

  • OS: Windows XP or higher
  • Memory: 128MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 5MB