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Google Chrome 51.0.2704.79

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By Hande Njr

On Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This is a free product developed by Google which is a web browsing application that enables users mainly access the internet. It is available on the following platforms windows XP service pack 2 and after OS X 10.6 and after, Linux +GCC v4 and +GTK v2.24 iOS 6.0 and after, as well as Android 4.0 and later. Generally it’s a good browser with a great interface with an ability to tweak the appearance of the working area this provision is offered under the customize and control Google chrome which has a dropdown list with; Bookmarks, Recent tabs, zoom, edit, new window, save as, find ,print, tools, history downloads settings among other features. You can also browse in a safe way using an incognito window this which is an option of secure browsing. The browser offers the capability of browsing on several tabs, adding extensions or plug-ins, Saving bookmarks on a tab right next to the search text provision area and it is usually fast in providing the most accurate data when one searches the internet for anything that they prefer. The fact that this amazing browser is free with all the performance it offers, it really amazes me. Of course there are many other browsers that offer competition but this browser is great in that it offers its great features and it is under a great brand.


  • it is a free product.
  • It provides for customization of fuctions.


  • It faces competition from other similar products.
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surf the internet with the best speeds ever and experience protection from viruses

By Jayson Kimathi

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016

google chrome is a web browser that is designed by google inc and is developed for every user who uses the internet most of the times.If you want class amd well designed user interface then download google chrome because its well designed layout makes you have and enjoy using it.If you want to recover any webpage that you had been browsing before you can go ahead and click on settings then history then you can click of the web that you want to access and if you want to clear the history you can as well do so so that people dont get to see what you were doing on the internet.It can as well import some files and documents from firefox not forgetting the other cool feature about it is that there is an app launcer that you can access various apps such as gmail,google drive and many other apps.It is simple to use and i like it just the way it is!


  • it opens up with a lightning speed
  • it protects the user over malware and trojans


  • it has some unnecessary features on the opening tabs for example app launcher
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Google Chrome provides the best web browsing experience to users

By Gfx Syne

On Thursday, November 26, 2015

I have used Google Chrome ever since its launch. I have also used other browsers like Internet Explorer

and Mozilla Firefox but I have to say that Chrome has provided the best experience as a user. I love the fact that it is fast and web browsing is seamless using Chrome. It also has man nifty tools that can be installed from the Chrome Web Store. There are apps and plugins ranging from security tools and proxies to productivity and music apps. Chrome is not just a web browser, in my opinion, it spans the whole web experience of a person. With the additional apps from the Web Store, users can do almost anything from within the browser. Chrome’s support for Google and its associated apps also helps for users having a Google account. This includes Gmail and Google Drive. There’s also an app for offline availability of Gmail and Google Drive. In closing, Google Chrome provides the best user experience.


  • Faster, simpler web browser with clean interface
  • Many apps and plugins in the Web Store
  • Private browsing through the incognito mode


  • If Google isn’t part of your life, then Chrome isn’t the best web browser for you.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • testing if still working with windows xp or not because I need to use Internet in my win xp computer and to do that I have to use an old version of Google chrome

  • I am planning on using this program in the utmost careful use of safely browsing the internet with no danger of hackers or other suspect individuals that would attempt to infect my computer

  • browsing on my old computer because no other browser would run on my old pentium 4 pc. i am a massive fan of google chrome and I cant imagine my life without it

  • For Surfing on the Internet And Working With Google sites and Downlaoding Movies As fast work Google Chrome Better Tahn Other broseser therefore We use this

  • private web exploring, seaching for informationj, family history research, program downloading, interfacing with onsite data bases, accessing weather and boating information

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have used firefix browser but chrome is faster accordng to firefox that is why would only use this app because this is the best applcation

  • A different version of Chrome browser but I'm having issues with certain web pages, there are some patches that need to be created for my web page to work.

  • Adobe Flash Player is the high-performance, lightweight, highly expressive client runtime that delivers powerful and consistent user experiences across major operating systems, browsers, mobile phones, and devices.

  • I usually use ths program because its the fastest way to go online and t never get prompt. That s why I always love using this applcations..

What do you like most about this program?
  • testing my work in old version of chrome where some customers have an issue on the mentioned version , i hope i can downloading it and working

  • its fast and reliable. this is the browser ive been looking for but dont get outdated with windows xp please we are still using that os keep it up

  • It secured and deliver good speed when browsing. It also notifies spyware phising thereby protect important data. Very clear graphics and pictures.

  • it's fast and safe. 55% of my friends love Google Chrome 51.0.2704.79. So I like to give a try and be one of them. Thanks have a nice day. Cool


Google Chrome is the well-known web browser developed by the Californian Company, which combines efficiency and a great number of add-ons for increasing its functions. Its lightning speed makes it one of the most used browsers according to the last market share information, with over a 40% of the browsers usage. There are available different ways of having the application, with an online installer or just by a simple download.

This application is obviously more useful for those users that have a Goggle account since the access is performed automatically once you log in for the first time. This way you can synchronize all its services with the browser, such as Google+ or Google Drive. Its compatibility with other Google free services is also outstanding. By checking the Settings section you can discover several ways to customize the browser for your own sake.

About user’s experience, the web Google Chrome presents itself as an easy to use software with deeper features. The User Interface is very simple, even minimalist, showing just the important information for the users that is the website. Google’s search engine is incorporated in the address bar, also known as omnibox, to look directly for anything on the Internet without reaching the main page in the first place. This way, and thanks to your cookies, you will have suggestions for your searches for more accurate results.

Security is one of the main concerns for its developers, so in order to increase that part, Google Chrome includes some protection against malware and phishing. This kind of function is also integrated on the new versions of Mozilla Firefox and Safari. For a better protection it is recommended to use this browser along with an antivirus for a safer experience. The incognito option is also recommended for those users that don’t want to leave traces behind their steps on the pages they are visited.

Applications and further extensions

Google Chrome’s update has turned into a more complete application, not only offering a fast browsing speed but also some utilities for different uses. Thanks to its Chrome Web Store developers can offer their extensions for the web browser, adding new features such as immediate notes about some website or just downloading games. These Store’s add-ons are firstly verified by Google in order to grant the necessary security for its users.

Most of Chrome Web Store apps’ are free and won’t require any long download process or a heavy installer. Just by clicking on the desired app, once you are logged in your Google account, it will be added to your browser for enjoying it any time you want. There, you will find many apps available, from games and education apps to utilities and even offline Gmail check applications. If you want to program and launch your application for this Google Chrome, check Chromium which lets you test your own applications in a secure way.

Also available for your mobile

Google Chrome is also available in mobile platforms, Android or iOS, in which acts as your desktop web browser. With this software for your phone the screen adapts to your device allowing users to manage better the way they see websites. The interface would be familiar to you if you are used to work with the PC version.

Its navigation bar is actually the search box for looking for what you want. Google Chrome for mobile also lets you talk to an integrated microphone icon located in its interface for voice search; this way you can avoid typing and save time. The app is synced to your current Google account, as well as your favorite websites, that you can customize by swiping your finger through the screen. Google Chrome’s tabs gather one behind each other, in order to make your navigation experience more comfortable.

Google Chrome 51.0.2704.79 Features

These are the main features of this update of Google Chrome:

  • Lightning browsing speed for your favorite websites
  • Multiple tabs allowed within just one window without limit
  • Customizable shortcuts for its different functions
  • Attractive minimalist design with a simple interface
  • Sandbox mode to not let your data being compromised
  • It gets updates automatically, checking the server without losing performance
  • Enhanced security while surfing the web
  • Additional privacy preferences and options with Incognito mode
  • Different professionally made themes
  • Add different functions thanks to its extensions
  • Search and create bookmarks for your favorite content

For further information about the features and additional applications of this Google Chrome update you can check its official website here.

System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements to get the installer and to download Google Chrome properly:

  • Operating System: Windows XP SP2, Ubuntu version 12.04+ or Mac OS X 10.6
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or Intel processor for Mac system
  • Memory: 128MB RAM